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  • Learn how Integrated ERP reduces overhead

    • A demo of e-PIC One Enterprise is the best way to understand & appreciate the system's capabilities, inteligence and ease-of-use.

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      You will learn:

      • How all your business needs can be met by an integrated solution
      • Advantages of using a web-based system
      • How real-time inventory will drasticly improve daily operations
      • Cost saving benefits of a fully integrated, web-based system
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  • Web-Based
    • 100% web based, runs inside the browser
    • 24/7 access
    • Advanced LAMP technology
    • Managed web admin and hosting services available
    • Unlimited on-line help desk & phone support
    • Free updates
    • Comprehensive boot camp kicks off project
    • On-site training & implementation assistance
  • Fully Integrated ERP
    • Fully integrated ERP covering all aspects of work flow management designed specifically for your business. Replaces your sub-systems with One complete system to improve data integration and reduce IT management costs.
  • Sales Rep & Customer Access
    • The Online Service Center (OSC) provides 24/7 remote access for your Customers and Sales Reps. Benefits are real and tangible. The OSC reduces your cost of doing business plus streamlines and improves your relationship with your customers. The OSC is a simple, yet powerful, tool designed to provide your Customers with on-line information and assistance 24/7.
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  • Mobile Access
    • e-PIC One Enterprise can be accessed 24/7 from anywhere at any time, with a mobile device.
    • View Order Status
    • Place Orders
    • Company Calendar
    • Image Library
    • WIP Details
    • Sales Support Access
    • Package Tracking
    • Purchase Order Dates & Statuses
    • Live Inventory Levels
    • Reporting
    • Customer Information
    • Accounting
  • Online Payment Processing
    • Online payment processing (OPP) service is designed to automate the task of applying payments to Invoices or Order Deposits. The service allows Customer Service Teams and their Customers to apply payments using credit cards and debit cards in "real-time" without any additional manual labor.
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  • Warehouse Management
    • Manage all business events on the warehouse floor in real time. With the use of browser enabled devices and barcode scanners, e-PIC One Enterprise will manage all aspects of product movement from the raw goods supplier to the factory to the receiving dock to the pick lane. Tracking information, general inquiries, manual stock transactions on the fly, adjust warehouse location and box quantities; receive goods, pick, pack, ship, cycle count, transfer, request replenishment of stock, etc. Every business event can be done on the floor, fast, quick and easy. Our WMS will result in accurate inventory, faster order turnover, and more satisfied customers.
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  • Supply Chain Logistics
    • The supply chain system gives freedom to the factory, allowing them to update each cut as well as define shipments and containers. Giving these options to the factory will cut down on your error rate and at the same time giving updated details for each cut with in
      e-PIC One Enterprise. Each cut will have real time details since both you and your factory are logging into one complete system.
  • UPS & FedEx Integration
    • The Shipping System Interface minimizes manual data entry typically required by shipping personnel and automates the process of updating all data files. You will see significant improvements in shipping throughput, delivery accuracy and more timely and complete information available to Customer Service representatives.
      • Real time web calls to UPS and FedEx for shipping charges during order entry
      • Web packing and shipping services to print your shipping labels
      • No longer a need for World Ship or FedEx Cafe
  • Alerts & Service Request
    • Alert co-workers/employees in real time. These alerts are auto generated by the system in the form of an email. The triggers of these alerts are user defined and set to alert the user or customers on business events. The Service Requests (SR) is generated within e-PIC One Enterprise and is used for an internal business use. These SR's are used for many different purposes from alerting an employee about the status of an order, personal/co-worker reminders, changes to an order, factory ship dates, etc. The possibilities are endless with a web based application; you can be as creative as you want.
  • Decoration Center
    • Within e-PIC One Enterprise, a unlimited amount of images can be stored on the system. Special instructions, final art attachments, stitch counts, colors, embroidery, screen printing, digital printing, customer assigned images, just to name a few of the capabilities of the image library. Never have to search for customer art work or have to question the art instructions. Everything for artwork is stored in one location for easy access and user friendly viewing.
  • Customer Management
    • Manage automated email text, prepare broadcast emails, view customer master and tables. Also, internal teams and groups can be assigned for tasks and service request assignment. All of these features can be integrated into
      e-PIC One Enterprise internal calendar for employee viewing and organization
  • Integrated Accounting
    • Fully Integrated with both the Sales Order Module and General Ledger
    • Create Invoices from Shipped Orders
    • Add Invoices for Miscellaneous Items
    • Supports Recurring Invoices
    • Email or Print Invoices
    • Supports both Credit Memo and Return Authorization Processing
    • Calculates both Terms Discounts and Finance Charges
    • Flexible Cash Application allows for the importing of data to auto apply payments to outstanding invoices
    • Automated NSF Handling
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