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    • How Industrial Engineering Fits Into ERP

      Mar 6, 2012 | ERPmanufacturing | PIC Team

      Industrial engineering is a discipline concerned with optimizing complex systems. These engineers apply science and mathematics to tackle broad categories of issues such as efficiency, quality, finance, and safety. Historically applied to manufacturing, today's industrial engineers work on all types of processes and systems, from hospitals to the military to theme parks. The odds are, you probably can't name a single industrial engineer. However, the odds are much greater that some part of your daily routine has had industrial engineering applied to it.

      You've probably heard the line, "You can have it fast, cheap, or good. Pick two." Indeed that's the classic problem PIC's industrial engineers face daily - how to bring together the right components in the right way to form a system that not only works, but does so elegantly.

      So, does it matter that PIC has Industrial Engineers on staff? When PIC's team works with a customer, we always strive to provide measurable results. Whether we're investigating how to improve an order picking process, or designing a production sort order that minimizes machine setup time, our sights are set on truly optimizing the system. We like to be able to display definitive value as a concrete number.

      PIC's industrials engineers are not simply aware of the modules an ERP system should have. Rather, we take full stock of the unabbreviated Enterprise Resource Planning, being intimately familiar by education and experience with the bigger picture: How young Mary the shipping clerk and little Joe the CPA fit into your company's gameplan. We take into consideration all factors - people, machines, facilities, finances, materials, information - when analyzing your productivity.

      From critiquing your plant/warehouse layout to interviewing your technicians and managers, our industrial engineers can help in many ways that a canned ERP system quite simply can't.

      One thing is clear: industrial engineers love to solve problems. We take our jobs seriously. Can your ERP do that?

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