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      Jan 23, 2012 | web-basedsuppliersmanufacturingfabricatorsERPenterprisedistributors | PIC Team

      e-PIC One is web-based. Manage your entire enterprise from anywhere. Total system requirements: simply a web browser.

      e-PIC One is configurable. Adding a product line is easily done with just a few clicks. No programming required!

      e-PIC One is fully-integrated. That new product line is instantly available on your corporate intranet, your Online Service Center, and/or your external website - exactly where you want it to be.

      e-PIC One is secure. PIC uses SSL, firewalls, and secure programming practices to keep your business application and data safe.

      e-PIC One is proven. For over 20 years, PIC's sole business has been helping companies improve their bottom line.

      e-PIC One is cost-effective. PIC Business Systems handles all system upgrades, backups, configuration & maintenance

      e-PIC One is powerful. Ask us how we regularly help companies of all shapes and sizes replace multiple sub-systems with a single, integrated, scalable system.

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